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Cool Sites
B3ta The Daddy of all message boards, B3ta is why my site exists. The forum is for puerile knob-gags and political satire in equal measure. If you've been sent a funny picture in your email, there's a 90% chance it originated on the b3ta board. They also publish a weekly newsletter of all the stupid things that exist on the internet - well worth subscribing to.
Tattyworld Originally an offshoot of B3ta, tattyworld has distinguished itself as a home for to quality photoshoppery without so much of the puerility, they still appreciate a good knob-gag (who doesn't?) but the emphasis here is on quality rather than humour.
Weebl's Stuff A truly awesome talent, Mr Jonti Picking has created a monster site full of wonderful animations games and songs. Home to the world famous Weebl & Bob cartoon series (formerly of MTV) you'll be singing some of this stuff to yourself for years.
Worth1000 Another photoshoppery forum. A very serious place for very serious photoshoppers. Browse through some rather fantastic work from past competitions, the other 10% of the stuff you get in your email comes from here.
The Burzynski Cancer Clinic Information I have added a link to this blog from so that it will increase the PageRank for this blog and when patients search for Burzynski, they will hopefully discover this blog as well as Dr Burzynskiís propaganda. This way, they can discover the whole truth and determine for themselves whether itís worth investing in his treatment.
In Vino Veritas Verity got me started doing vectors, because I was massively jealous of her talent.
Useful Sites
Lemony.co.uk If you want to post on an internet forum, you'll need to know how to optimise your images. You'll also need to know how to make them in the first place. B3tan Lemony has provided some rather excellent photoshop tutorials, which everyone should browse at least once.
MaidenArt Another B3tan, another set of useful tutorials. These are mainly for animators working in flash, but there are some great photoshop tricks here too.